August 26

Why Some Window Cleaning Companies Charge Less


Common Traps to Watch Out For

We all love a cheap deal, but sometimes when something seems too good to be true, it just is. The window cleaning companies is an old and accessible one, and this familiarity and low barrier to entry mean that sometimes there are companies who just do not work in the right way: cutting corners and promising deals, all without the premium results and long-lasting finish that you and your home deserve.

Here, we’ll take a little run-through of some of the common ways that some window cleaning companies can keep their prices so low.  


Lack of Insurance

A common way of cutting costs is just not paying for insurance. This means cutting out all those payments for workers’ compensation and any liability coverage, bringing your staffing overheads and any financial exposure all the way down.

The problem with this is that it’s illegal. All US businesses need some form of employee insurance and liability cover, and certain states even require that you have more coverage on top of that.

But more than that, we just think it’s wrong. The people that work for you shouldn’t have to suffer because of their job; they’re part of your work family now. And when it comes to liability, here at Professional Window Cleaning Service Inc., we do everything to perfect any job the first time and will cover any accidents that happen.

Bad Pay for Their Employees

The main reason businesses can afford to charge so little sometimes, is that they just aren’t paying their staff properly. For people to do their job well, to have your house in the best possible condition, they need to feel valued, like part of a well-functioning team. 

More than this, poor pay leads to poor staff retention, and this high turnover inevitably leads to a churn of new people and all the inevitable learning curves that come along with that. For a job to be done properly, you don’t just want skilled people, you want skilled people who are comfortable in their roles, comfortable with those who work with them, and able to function fully on the job at hand – getting your home looking its absolute best. 

Bad Practice, Lack of Insurance

When these factors come together, it can be the customer who ends up suffering. Picture the scene. You’ve been given a quote from an unknown home window cleaning service that you think is the steal of the century. The workers come around and immediately it just feels off, unprofessional, with lax attitudes and evasive management.

Something goes wrong – a fall, a broken window pane – as the product of mismanagement, and there is no insurance for anybody to fall back on. Here, the buck falls to you, and the cheap window cleaning you’ve been working towards becomes a tangle of complaints and paperwork. 

Let’s avoid that and make sure your home improvement actually improves your home. 

Find a Service You Can Rely On

You must perform it expertly if you want to work with professional window cleaning firms. Contact PWCBA if you’re searching for reliable work from professionals that don’t skimp on quality.


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