September 26

The Top 10 Facts About Gutter Cleaning


Looking Ahead as the Weather Turns

Fall is on the horizon. The dog days of summer are over, the days shortening, and you can almost taste the soup, the pumpkin, and the warm drinks that are on their way to get you through the falling leaves and the coming rain. Now, before any of this sets in, is the best time for gutter cleaning (and, while we’re at it, maybe window cleaning wouldn’t be a terrible idea). 


So, here’s a whistlestop tour of a few facts about the art of gutter cleaning. Some you might know, some you might not. 


  • Cars Used to Come With Rain Gutters

Tired of getting out of the car and feeling the spittle of rain coming down? Well up until about 40 years ago, there was a device for you: rain gutters, for your car. These were phased out in the 80s, as much more mundane matters like aerodynamics and fuel efficiency became more important. The loss. 


  • Surprisingly Impactful on House Valuation

Nobody wants to look at clogged drains, but the damage to house valuation extends beyond this. The wide-ranging impacts mean that so many different facets of your home can suffer damage that the financial impact can be staggering and insurers rarely pay out on houses without properly installed and maintained gutters. 


  • Gutters Are Over 5,000 Years Old

The very first gutters were not the slick constructions you see today. Around 3,000 B.C. the early civilizations of the Indus Valley, an area spanning modern-day Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Northern India first started controlling the flow of water around their houses. Constructions of mud brick, wood, and stone would shepherd the water from here to there, feats of early ingenuity. 


  • Beware the Ice

When the cold comes in, the stagnant water in your blocked gutter can freeze. Once there it makes the flow of water slower (sometimes impossible) and becomes harder to dislodge than ever. Letting these build up will only ever increase your gutter cleaning cost, with the cumulative weight of that ice sometimes even tearing the gutters straight off the wall. 


  • The Range of Impacts

A blocked gutter is not just a problem for the top of the house. The overflow of a blocked gutter will impact nearly everywhere in the house. For steady, stable foundations, you need steady, stable gutters. This is especially true when the cold comes in and that leaking water can turn to ice, expand, and create damage that does not thaw out. 


  • Pest Prevention

You might see a clogged drain as something of an eyesore, an irritation, but to the things that creep and crawl through the world, they are a paradise. Depending on where you live, a clogged drain could become a breeding ground for mosquitoes, or termites could relish the damp wood it will cause. 


  • We Find a Lot More Than Leaves 

Every year, thousands of everyday household objects are found in rain gutters, everything from childhood toys, to sports equipment. You will always be surprised by the blockages that any gutter cleaning services find. Strangely enough, earthworms also turn up – possibly from eggs dropped from a great height by birds. 


  • Garden Protection

We like to think about gutters as water direction. The rain is inevitable, but where that sudden downpour or fall drizzle goes is down to the gutter infrastructure you have. Without proper gutters, it can pool in gardens, turning flower beds into near-aqautic installations. 


  • The Surprising Scale of Water Damage to Homes

Water damage is the cause of more than 29% of domestic insurance claims in the US, with the average claim coming out to $11,098. Gutters are the main way that you can protect your home against external water and proper management. These aren’t the statistics you want to be part of. 


  • It’s Never Been Easier to Manage Your Gutters

Today, gutters never have to be a problem for you. Professional gutter cleaning and a regularly maintained outside of the house can ensure that external water never damages the home. Get in touch and let’s discuss how we can safeguard your home.


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