November 1

Why Gutter Cleaner Services are Essential for Any Homeowner


When you think about home maintenance, what comes to mind? Likely, you’ll think of mowing the lawn or cleaning the outdoor windows — or maybe painting the walls once in a while. You probably didn’t say gutter cleaner, a service often overlooked. If you are one of those people who neglect to invest in a gutter cleaning service, this article is for you. Keep reading for essential tips on how to clean gutters and ways to know yours are ready for a scrub. 

Do I Really Need Gutter Cleaning Services?

As gutters sit out of sight, they often remain out of mind too. But experts recommend cleaning your gutters twice a year: once in the fall to clear out the dry leaves — so they don’t get clogged with rain — and again in spring to clear the winter debris. Getting into the habit of routinely cleaning your gutters will prevent any serious blockages, saving you costly repairs later down the line.

How to Clean Gutters Properly

If you are looking for a thorough cleaning that will last through the seasons and keep your home safe, the best option is to choose a gutter cleaning service to do the job thoroughly. But if that’s not in the cards, you can go down the DIY route — something is better than nothing! 

Doing it Yourself

Cleaning your gutters efficiently and effectively requires top-quality gutter cleaning tools that enable water to flow freely through them. There are several ways to approach it, using a hose, claw, or even a scoop to clear the debris and blockages, but there is always a risk that something gets left behind. If you don’t clean your gutters thoroughly enough, it can cause major issues like roof leaks, so DIY gutter cleaner might not be worth the risk.

A Gutter Cleaning Service

Take one thing off your mind by leaving it to the people who know best and opting for a gutter cleaner service instead. They will take care of outdoor pipes and gutter shields which are often forgotten when it comes to house maintenance. Did you know that if you don’t deep clean your gutters, they can get dry rot and quickly deteriorate?

Need Gutter Cleaner Services? We Can Help

For a deep cleaning process that will leave your gutters sparkling, reach out for a free consultation to receive a quote depending on the size of your property. Window cleaning isn’t all we can do over at Professional Window Cleaning — we know how to clean gutters better than anyone (our before and after photos speak for themselves!). Got gutters on the mind? Check out interesting facts about gutter systems that might surprise you.


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