November 15

Professional Window Cleaning Service: 7 Things to Look For


Some things are just best left to the experts, and Professional Window Cleaning Service Inc. is one of them. Higher-up windows can be impossible to reach without equipment, and only experienced people know how to get that shining, smear-free finish. When starting the search for professional window cleaning, keep an eye out for these 7 things.

Professional Window Cleaning Service: 7 Things to Look For


Asking questions like how long the window cleaning business has been in business will give you an insight into how much you can trust them. If they’ve been serving your area for some time, they should have a wealth of testimonials from happy clients to show you.



Depending on what you need from your window washing, the quality and variety of equipment make a difference. Some professional window washing services also offer gutter cleaning, power washing, and high-rise building commercial window washing. Versatility is a key component of the business you choose.



A license and insurance are both essential for a professional window cleaner. If something goes wrong while they’re on the job and they’re not covered, you risk being liable. It’s always worth checking, or you might be the one to lose out for their mistakes.



Some window cleaning companies conduct background checks on their staff members to double-check their employees. As these people come into your home, you must be sure you can trust them. Even an outdoor window cleaner may have contact with your family at some point.



Scaling buildings to scrub windows is very dangerous, and ongoing safety training is key. Ask them which safety programs they follow or when your cleaner received training last. You will be able to tell by their answer if they are serious about safety or not.



You should never cut corners when choosing professional window cleaning services. More often than not, amazingly cheap prices come from dodgy places, like a lack of insurance or subpar equipment. Instead, choose a highly-rated window cleaner service at a competitive price. It also helps to ask what services come with their price.



Last, ask your new residential window cleaners when they can start! Whether you’re looking for an ongoing partnership and regular visits or a one-off deep clean of your guttering systems, check in advance that they can fulfill your needs.


Need Professional Window Cleaning? We Have You Covered

Nothing quite beats the feeling of sparkling clean windows, both at home and at work. Leave it to the professionals to give you the finish of a lifetime, and book a free consultation with Professional Window Cleaning today.


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